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March 25th was my official due date.  But as expected, that day passed with no signs of a baby.  I had a doctor’s appt. that day and I was not dilated or effaced at all.  On Wednesday March 27th, I was awakened at 3:30am by a real contraction that took my breath away.   They were about 15 minutes apart for the next several hours.  When Damian got up for work around 6:30am I told him to stay close to his office in case I needed to get in touch with him.   He left and I continued to have contractions until 8:30ish when all of a sudden, they stopped.  For almost 3 hours I didn’t have a single contraction.  At one point I started crying, remembering my 96-hour labor with Aidan, hoping that this wasn’t the start of a very familiar pattern.  But just as suddenly as they disappeared, they reappeared.  Now they were 5-6 minutes apart and a lot stronger than they were earlier.  I called Damian at work and told him that he wouldn’t be going back to work after lunch.  He was excited. 


When he got home, the contractions were getting tough but I was still in “good spirits”.   I was able to talk through them, but not walk through them.  I would lean over a stack of pillows on my bed and sway my hips during each contraction.  That is what felt best.  All this time Aidan was playing with Grandma and Grandpa.  I started to get really emotional every time I heard Aidan laugh.  It finally hit me that I was bringing his new baby into the world and that he was going to be a big brother really soon.   Then around 2:30pm, the contractions stopped again.  I was so frustrated.  After a good cry, I managed to nap.  Around 4pm, the contractions were back.  We decided to call the doctor and see if I could be seen in the office to check if anything was happening.  I was checked around 4:30pm and I was 3 cm/80% effaced!  Yay! 


We went back home and continued to labor until 6:30ish pm.  Aidan was fascinated with my labor and it was hard to keep him distracted.  He kept trying to get me to pick him up.  It was getting hard to concentrate with all the extra people around.  We decided to head over to the hospital.  We went earlier than I would have liked but I couldn’t labor with all the distractions.


Arrived at the hospital around 7pm, checked.  4 cm/80-85% effaced.  I was strapped up to the monitors.  After lying down for 30 minutes my contractions went from 5 min. apart to almost 10 minutes apart.  I needed to be on my feet.  I was finally sprung and started walking around the suite.  My timeline gets sort of fuzzy from here on.  I was in and out of the shower many, many times.  Used the birth ball.  Slow danced with Damian.  I had to be hooked up to the monitor for 20 minutes of every hour, which totally sucked.  It hurt so much more lying down.  Sometime around 10pm I was checked again.  No change, still 4 cm.  I was trying hard not to get discouraged.  My doctor came to the hospital around midnight, checked me again.  Almost 5 cm.   He decided to spend the night, since my labor with Aidan was only 1 ½ hours from when I hit 5 cm.  HA-HA!  History does NOT repeat itself.  At around 1:30am, I was starting to give up.  I was shaking uncontrollably, exhausted, and feeling defeated.   I was in transition.   I spent the next 2 hours in the shower; minus the 40 minutes I was tortured by being on the monitor.  I was checked again at 3:30am.  Still 5 cm.  My water still had not broken.  But the baby had descended a little further down and it was determined that she was coming down crooked.  She was not putting enough pressure on my cervix to make any real changes.  My doctor suggested changing positions.  I was on my hands and knees, tried squatting but I was to darn exhausted.  He then suggested laboring on my side.  I tried but my hips ached so badly.  I really couldn’t go on anymore.  I was pleading for them to make it stop.  I caved in a little and got a shot of nubain.  It did not take away any of the pain of the contractions but it made me sleep in between.  I was also able to lie on my side, hoping that it would encourage the baby to turn right. 


Around 4:30am, I was checked again.  8 ½-9 cm.  WOO-HOO!!  My water was still intact but while doing the exam, my doctor “accidentally” broke it.   But it was heavily stained with meconium.  Actually, both Damian and the doctor said it looked like pea soup it was so dark.  I was told that when the baby was born that she would have to be deeply suctioned and that I would not be able to hold her right away.  I didn’t care.  I just wanted her to be ok.  Also the NICU team would be in the delivery room to check her over.  Fortunately she was showing no signs of distress on the monitors despite the meconium. 


I never got a break in between contractions at this point.  Most were double peaking.  At around 5:30am I got a HUGE urge to push and my body just took over and pushed for me.  Luckily the nurse was in the room at the time because with just that one involuntary push, the baby’s head was crowning. The nurse called for my doctor and the NICU team stat.  I heard them RUNNING down the hall to get to my room, all the while I’m panting like a crazed dog, trying not to push.  My doctor didn’t even get a chance to put on his special garb, the bed was not broken down, the gunk catcher was not able to be set up, and I was laying in a weird position, half sitting up leaning on the bed rail, really needing to push again.  I was told I could, and with the next push, her head was out.  They suctioned her, and then finally I was able to push again.  And at 5:32am, Fiona Kathleen Lynch was born.   The cord was cut right away and she was whisked away by the NICU team.  She was suctioned again.  Luckily all the fluid they brought up was clear.  It wasn’t until 10 minutes later that I was finally able to hold her.  My little girl.  I was in total shock when they said it was a girl.  I didn’t believe them at first!  So after 18 hours and 3 pushes, I had my healthy pink bundle, weighing in at 6 lbs 11 oz and 18 ½ inches long.  And even with such a fast delivery, I didn’t tear!  We were discharged the next morning and are adjusting to life as a family of four. 





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