Seventeenth Month (July 28th - August 27th)  


She loves her baby dolls.  She kisses them, hugs them, rocks them, and pretends to feed them.   Fiona loves to climb on everything.  She likes it when we go to the Sugar Land Playland in First Colony Mall.  There she can safely climb over the soft padded cookies, cupcakes, and donuts.  Can you see why it is called "Sugar Land?"  She has a blast.  She has no fear when it comes to climbing on things that are high up or steep.  She just goes for it.  It makes for one nervous mommy but she does great!  New words: monkey, nose, hiney, bob-bob (spongebob), deese (cheese), bite, ba-uh (bottle), mil (milk), 



Sixteenth Month (June 28th - July 27th)  


Lots of new words: baby, wawa (water), bug, birdie, belly, eyes, bana (banana), nunny (for her baby's pacifier), de-de (tv), ha (hair), dookie (cookie).  She loves to play Ring around the Rosie.   


Fifteenth Month (May 28th - June 27th)  


In just one month, Fiona has added quite a few more words to her vocabulary.  She can now say puppy, ball, bye-bye, uh-oh, and A-D, her name for Aidan.  She definitely keeps me on my toes.  Not only has she become an expert walker, she can now run, and FAST!  If you're not careful, she tries to sneak out the front door whenever it is opened.  She loves being outside.  If she wants to go outside, she brings me her socks and shoes, and then she sits down on the bottom step of the stairs for me to put them on.  She's also a curious little bugger.  She loves to open all the cabinets in the kitchen and routinely rummages through them.  She is the polar opposite of Aidan.  He was never interested in them.  I lovingly refer to her as my "seek-and-destroy" child.  Fiona has also become a "hide-and-pooper!"  When she has to go, she seeks solace in either our bedroom or the dogs' kennel.  


Fourteenth Month (April 28th - May 27th)  


Fiona has said her first offical word.  Baby.  Grandma Lane brought Fiona a baby doll when she visited us this month and Fiona fell in love with her baby.  She carries her around, pretends to feed her, gives her hugs and kisses, and calls her "baby."    


Thirteenth Month (March 28th - April 27th)  


HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!!!  This year flew by.  I can not believe you turned one.  I have been truly blessed.  You are the sweetest little girl and the light of my life.  You were special enough to have two birthday parties.  We celebrated one on your actual birthday.  Mommy's friend from college, Laurie Keeley, came to visit and spent the evening with us.  You made a new friend.  You loved sitting in her lap!  You loved playing with your cake but you did not like the pretty birthday hat mommy bought for you.  Daddy said I was mean for making your wear it!  You had your second birthday party when we were in New York.  Aunt Debi, Uncle Donald, Peter, Emily, and Aunt Nee-Nee were all there.  You enjoyed opening all your presents.  Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle Neal came down to Houston to spend Easter with us.  You were showered with attention.  You loved playing with Grandma. 


Twelfth Month (February 28th - March 27th)  


Fiona has really started babbling this month.  She's getting even louder!  She began pointing this month and uses that as her primary means of communication.   She's been practicing walking even more this month.  For the first time, Fiona actually fought for a toy.  Aidan took away something that she was playing with and she yanked it back and screamed!!!   Feisty!  


Eleventh Month (January 28th - February 27th)  


Fiona took her first steps!!!  She toddled 4 baby steps on January 29th.  It's going to take some practice, but she'll be off and running soon.  She loves to climb up  the stairs in our new house.  She has even mastered how to come down on her own.  She has also learned how to point to things this month.  She has gotten very vocal too.  Since moving into the new house, Fiona has been sleeping much better.  She now sleeps all night for about 11 hours.  Yay!  Daddy and Mommy have their sanity back.  We've had some regression on the walking front.   She finally learned how to crawl the "real" way on her hands and knees, as opposed to the army crawl, and since then she has shown little interest in walking on her own.  Fiona also like to mimic Aidan when we sing "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed."  She bumps her head just like her big brother does.  She now consistently claps her hands when she hears or sees other people clapping and also loves to wave goodbye. She had her 10 month checkup this week and she was a whopping 14 lbs 10 oz and 25 1/2 inches tall.  My little peanut!


Tenth Month (December 28th - January 27th)  


Fiona learned how to drink from a straw on January 5th.  She loved the apple juice!   She started waving this month.  It's so cute!  What's not cute are the tantrums that she's starting to have.  When she doesn't get her way she arches her back in disgust and starts banging her head.  She's a spitfire!  She got her two top teeth this month.  The first one on January 25th and the second a day later, January 26th.  Thank goodness!  Maybe some of the crankiness will subside.   Fiona learned how to play Peek-a-boo this month.  She and Aidan would play, each taking turns hiding behind the curtains in the hotel.   That would send them both giggling!


Ninth Month (November 28th - December 27th)  


Fiona is enjoying her new found freedom.  She can pull herself up on anything and loves cruising along the walls and furniture.  She celebrated her first Christmas.  No ornament on the tree was safe.  She kept us very busy, policing her around the tree.  Santa Claus was very good to Fiona this year.  She enjoyed tearing the paper off her presents.  She's been drooling a lot again, but no sign of more teeth.  


Eighth Month (October 28th - November 27th)  


Fiona has  learned how to clap her hands.  She started on November 9th.   She's scooting across the floor really fast now and is trying to get into the cabinets in the entertainment center.  Fiona had a weight check on November 8th and weighed 13 lbs 10 oz.   Fiona has officially begun cruising.  She started walking along the coffee table on November 22nd.  She pulled herself up to standing all by herself on November 16th.  The biggest news...she is finally sleeping through the night.  She still doesn't take a real nap during the day, but at least she is sleeping at night.


Seventh Month (September 28th - October 27th)  


Fiona got her first tooth on October 4th.  Her second bottom tooth poked through on October 25th.  She hasn't been sleeping well due to the teething.  Thank goodness for Motrin and Hylands teething tablets.  Fiona made the "raspberry" sound for the first time on October 2nd.  She sounds so cute with her lips buzzing away!  She's been "talking" more lately.  She started saying "ma-ma" "ba-ba" "na-na" this month.  She loves to stand at the coffee table and is already trying to "walk".  She has the motion right, now all she needs is the balance.  She's become quite proficient at scooting across the floor.  It won't be too long before she is crawling.  She's been getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth.  At her 6 month checkup we weighed 12 lbs 11 oz and was 24 1/2 inches long.  Fiona also went on her 3rd plane trip in 6 months.  She's quite the frequent flyer.  We went to Salt Lake City, UT for the SEG convention on October 5th.  


Sixth Month (August 28th - September 27th)  


This was a big month for Fiona.  She started to really babble.  She said "da-da", "la-la" on August 20, 2002.  She also started learning to sit.  She first sat up with support on August 31, 2002.  She finally sat all by herself without toppling over on September 27, 2002.  Fiona got her first spin in the walker on September 6th.  She *loves* it!  She can already make it go in all directions.   She loves playing with Aidan and especially Aidan's toys.  She likes to chew on Aidan's cars.  

Fifth Month (July 28th - August 27th)  


Fourth Month (June 28th - July 27th)



Third Month ( May 28th -  June 27th)



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